Birth of a Super Kid

A new baby marks the beginnings of all things – wonder, hope, and a beautiful dream of possibilities. There are so many moments in their early childhood that we want to capture for a lifetime but we hardly have any means to do that. To help parents to keep these memories for a lifetime, we have created - “The Birth of a Super Kid” - A personalized memory book for your super kid describing him/her and capturing those unforgettable moments in most innovative ways! Best for Baby Shower Gifting/First B'day Gift/Keepsake book/Daily Journaling
Rs- 1199/-

Superkid’s League Book

A journey Of A Superkid is the most innovative personalized storybook (design and printed) uniquely for each kid based on his/her NAME. The storybook contains a magical journey having your kid as the main character of the story who discovers the hidden SUPER POWERS (positive value/good habits traits) and becomes a SUPERKID. Click here to know more...
Rs- 1199/-

Photo Album

We shoot so many memories in our daily life but it remains in our mobiles. We either forget those memories or they got deleted when the mobile crashes or goes faulty. To preserve those lovely memories, we create awesome albums at a very reasonable price. The feel of memories on paper is completely different
Rs- 1999/-

Superkids Height Chart (Measure upto 5 ft)

Colorful height chart for kids full of exciting cartoon characters makes measuring heights of your kids a fun activity. It also can be a decorative wall-hanging in their room. Click here to know more...
Rs- 499/-

Personalized Name Stickers

The personalized name stickers for kids with kid's photo. The is sticker based and so you can peel off and put on notebooks, books, bottles, boxes etc. It is always fun to see yourself everywhere.
Rs- 199/-

Mapopoly Board Game

A board game to teach kids world map with the twist of gaming. COMING SOON.......
Rs- 1999/-