Let's start Bhavyasree's journey to become Superkid

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This is a personalized book (design and printed) uniquely created for Bhavyasree based on her name.

The book is formed in such a manner that each alphabet gets associated with a positive value/traits or good habits. So in a story, Bhavyasree Finds that she has following good qualities in her :

B - Brilliant
H - Honest
A - Achiever
V - Versatile
Y - Youthful
A - Artistic
S - Strong
R - Reliable
E - Energetic
E - Enthusiastic

The story starts with Bhavyasree finding herself lost in a wonderland and somehow could not remember her name. To come out of the wonderland and go back to her home, she needs to find her name. Hence the adventure starts to find the missing alphabets of her name. At each page of the storybook, she meets a new character who gives a missing alphabet as per the good traits/habits/values.
So at the end of the book, she realizes that her name contains these superpowers, which is the true meaning of her name. These powers make her a SUPER KID!

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How This book will Help to your Child

  • The book tries to help a child learn good manners and virtues in life through a fun based personalised story book.
  • The book helps kids to develop reading habits.
  • It also helps in improving vocabulary.
  • It also boosts creativity and power of imagination.
  • It has been observed that after reading this book, kids become more receptive to parent’s instructions.
  • The certificate contains the alphabets of kid’s name with corresponding positive qualities.
  • The certificate helps parents to remind their kid what good habits and virtues his/her name contains and hence he/she should behave accordingly.
  • We advised parents to frame the certificate and put it a place where kid can see it regularly.
  • A very special and unique way of character building and telling you child how much you love him/her.

About Book

  • Laminated paper back story book of dimension-13.5 inch X 9 inch.
  • 250 GSM matte paper with ebony touch gives book a rich flavor.
  • Color 3-D illustrations used.
  • Conceptualized by IIT Roorkee and IIM Ahmedabad Alumni and illustrations done in U.K.