Parent’s Reviews

  • Yakuta poonawala


    Very much liked the book . By us n by kids too. I recommend dis book for kids its a gift for lifetime.

  • Sandhya vamsi

    Kakinada, Andhrapradesh

    My 5 year old twins started working on the books. They loved it thoroughly. Finally I found a way to make them sit apart from playing. Thanks to the team.

  • Sandhya A

    Kakinada, Andhrapradesh

    I've been waiting to engage my 5year old twins in a proper way with worksheets and after a long period of searching, finally I found these excellent wotksheet books. My full points for these colorful animated books. The only way to engage my twins, I got from the superkids league team and I thank KEVAL for the information. Thank you.

  • Priyanka


    Perfect is the word that comes to mind when I try to describe book. I don’t think I myself even could have think to gifted her anything better. Thank you for making her feel so special... Thank you

  • Jyoti Jain


    Nice way of presenting story with good animation...Thanks keval for the support.

  • Ujwala Mhaske


    kids learn best morals and values with wonderful, innovative personalized storybook. Provides a great tool to change children's memory in the desired direction..thank you so much...

  • Neeru


    Unique idea but I am disappointed to get the soft cover instead of hard cover.I been trying hard to get to the person who was dealing with me but no response. It seems your company is not interested in getting more orders and also does not want us to recommend others.



    Happy birthday anika

  • Urvashi Maurya


    Hello, I had already ordered super hero league, last year only for his birthday. Any other story book including hridhaan, do let me know.

  • Naushin


    Thank you for creating a lovely book

  • Anne chetia


    My daughter like the worksheets,bag and height chart but they forgot to print the name on the bag and instead of writing the name gift for Trisha, they wrote gift for guari. Next time you should be careful with all this. Orelse the product and the books are excellent. Thanks

  • Girish Kumar Rathore


    Shandar jabarjast jindabaad

  • Richa Khushdil


    The book is beautiful.My daughter loves the story and she is very much excited to see her pictures in the book. She loves the story and characters. Thank you for such a wonderful memory to be cherished for the lifetime.

  • Upasana Sharma


    I just got the books... For my both the kids ...these are Amazing... My kids loved it... N I'm happy. Thank you Superkids league.....

  • Vijaybhaskar


    Thanks for to see asmile on my kids face for this book .our child nishitha very happy with this book

  • Vijaybhaskar


    Thanks for to see asmile on my kids face for this book .our child nishitha very happy with this book

  • Vijaybhaskar


    Thanks for to see asmile on my kids face for this book .our child nishitha very happy with this book

  • K. Narasimha Chary


    Good Morning Madam/Sir. Just now one new person become friend to me. His name is Saveer Kumar. He has not answered meaning for his name. Immediately I searched in Goole. Your site has answered for it. Your product will be very useful to Children to develop their intelligence. In our India, we are so many languages. As such I request you to provide your products in all regional languages also like, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada like so on. Thus the parents those who are not familiar with English the will be benefitted if your products are in regional languages. Thank you very much. with regards, Kasoju Narasimha Chary, H.No. 5-51, Plot No.l, Raja Lakshminagar-1, Gurramguda, Rangareddy Dist. Telangna State. 501510

  • Priyank Modi


    Thank you so much for the book. We loved it. Thank you for such a wonderful memory to be cherished for the lifetime. me and my wife liked it very much. Superb gift for him. Print is nice, and color are really good. Thanks!!

  • Dr.Roopali Ajgaonkar


    Undoubtedly this is a very novel concept of nurturing readership qualities in children which is an absolute need of an hour. It is a perfect gift on a kid's birthday which is both educative and entertainibg. The language used in this book is lucid supported with appealing pictures. In addition, the quality of paper is good and therefore worth its price. Fairy tales have had always been exciting to read and through this wonderful journey of superkids, you indeed feel like being a part of this imaginative world. So also,how well you have exemplified the meaning of the child's name empowering the hidden beauty and unleashing the superpowers that God has gifted every child for that matter. My best wishes to the entire team who conceptualised this league for all their future endeavors.

  • Roopashree


    Thanks to Superkids league. my daughter is enjoining to read the book. This is the book of Memory,Superpower,Wonderland etc. . my daughter is the cutest superkid!

  • Sheela


    Thanks @SuperKidsLeague for creating such a wonderful & innovative personalized storybook for my kid. My Kid is in love with the book. Thanks, @SuperKidsLeague for bringing a smile on my kid’s face.”and loved it she got the book on the special day ya...It's on her birthday

  • Anoop Kumar Rungta


    Thanks @SuperKidsLeague for creating such a wonderful & innovative personalized storybook for my kid. My Kid is in love with the book. Thanks, @SuperKidsLeague for bringing a smile on my kid’s face.

  • Mrs.Ankita sahni


    Love the quality of animation and paper used in the book. The best part is the certificate, which accompany the book. My son is so happy to see the book and his pictures too. Thanku for this beautiful book one thing is very nice which is his name written in beautiful way Thanku so much for giving me this book

  • Rida Sajad

    New Delhi

    Hi. I need to upload d pic too do I do that

  • Anonymous

  • Jesicca


    The book is wonderful.Benson is only 1and half year old he hardly understands the story but he was excited to see his own pictures in the book. I suggest you since it is computerized you could have put Benson's pictures in place of characters it would have been more prettier. Anyways it's a very awesome idea.I have one negative feedback my book courier service was very troublesome.And the person who gave me a call regarding information of the book was from your company. He told me you will be sending a book and clay for footprints of the child and the price is all inclusive.Whereas I didn't receive anything like this. I recieved only the book.

  • Karishma arora


    I loved the book so much that I ordered 2 more for my other kids... just a suggestion... since it is all computerised you cud have placed the kids face in all the faces according to their gender ... that wud have made kids love reading it more as they wud feel it to be even more real... otherwise my daughter’s reaction was “ oh! When did I get so popular” it was an awesome experience .. thanks for this iniatiative wherein kids need more of such stories. Awsome work indeed

  • Japjot Kaur Rana


    I ordered the books just three days before my twins' 9th birthday. They were very efficient and I got the books within two days. My daughters were really thrilled with books in their names and loved their photos on the book with a personalised message. It is a great concept., I would give only one feedback, that is for the company to have more variety in terms of setting of the story, background and more themes. For e.g. a story can be set in a jungle or a garden and there can be more story themes which can be inspiring. Lastly the child for whom the book is being ordered can be the protagonist of the story.

  • Binda


    Was too good...I'll oder some more for my nephews..But need more stories.

  • Rosy


    Book is gud I like it but only Single story u have no any choice for us

  • Adbin Gurung

    East sikkim

    I loved the way it was packed. The book itself is so good. Thank you

  • Sathiyapriya R

    New delhi

    A very good initiative.. my kids enjoyed this book a lot when it came as a surprise. Great and keep going. I would definitely recommend for all other mom to bring in a positive change in their kids

  • Kayenat


    I loved this book and my kid too loved this book. Its an awesome idea for gift. Something knowledgeable and interesting.

  • Deeapak kumar trivedi


    Its fantastic. Very good and knowledgeable for children's.

  • Vijayalaxmi Pillai


    Thanks alot fir this wonderful book. My kid loved it alot. We all are happy with the quality n price of The book

  • Vaishali sapkal


    We don't get msg.about book & we already paid amount through paytm.



    Great experience for the kid...

  • Dr. Siddhi wadambe


    My daughter loved the book. It was her favourite birthday gift!!!

  • Priyanka


    Thanks a lot. It's a wonderful and unique gift for my daughter and she loved it a lot. Even me and my husband and friends liked it very much. Superb gift for her and she keep it for life. Print is nice, animations and color are really good. Thanks!!!!!!

  • Dr.divya


    When I first saw the add about this story book I was so impressed without a second thought I ordered it and I'm very happy to say that the team is so creative and unique. The paper quality is so excellent. . My daughter loves her story book..

  • Priya chauhan


    I must say your mission to deliver happiness in the world is a superb idea by doing these kind of books. Me n my kiddo is super happy to receive this amazingly created journey of a super kid. Thanks a ton...keep doing these creative things for us

  • Anju Garg


    Received the book last wk But opened it today as it’s Manvik bday today It’s an amazing book ! Manvik was super excited n super happy . Thank you so much Simply luved it! Great job

  • Lakshmi


    Awesome book.. Very good quality.. Happy moment for my kid

  • Mahi naga


  • Upasana panda


    I ordered it n my daughter loved it.

  • Preeti Shivkamat


  • shwetha prasad


    I agree that reading is so important for a child's development.

  • Dimple Bhairav Oswal

    I HV this book it's really good

  • Pooja Rahul Sharma


    Thanks daughter loved it...

  • Aakriti Bansal

    New Delhi

    It's one of the best and unique gift to a child, I had ordered one for my 3year old kid as a bday gift. And he totally loves listening to this story over and over again. Thanks to the super minds behind it :)

  • Sujata S Khanal


    Wonderful My child loved it

  • Harshida Makwana Parmar


    It's best gift to child ,thanks for whole team

  • Vyona Ribeiro

    Porvorim, Goa

    What a lovely book. It’s a great concept and after receiving the book I am more than thrilled to start reading it for her so personalised,good quality an absolute brilliant job. Will definitely wait for more books from ur team. This book has crossed my expectations by leaps and bounds. Thank You

  • Aakriti Bansal

    New Delhi

    It's one of the best and unique gift to a child, I had ordered one for my 3year old kid as a bday gift. And he totally loves listening to this story over and over again. Thanks to the super minds behind it.

  • Sheela Menon Shukla


    Thank you so much....i just ordered it on Wednesday for my daughter Tanisha which was promptly printed and delivered on Saturday. Her birthday was on Sunday.....This personalized book was the best gift i could give to my child as a parent....Kudos to Super Kids team for this innovative thoughtful initiative.

  • Devina kshirsagar


    Hi Yesterday I have received my book which I have ordered. Good concept and I myself loved to read the book and felt very happy. It’s a birthday gift for my daughter so I haven’t shown to her but I’m sure she’ll be super excited to read the book which is just personalized for her. I would want you to please share any new ideas which you’ll start the venture. I would like to order such personalized books for my daughter with the changing of ages

  • Simran Sandhu Thakur


    Dear Team Super League I’m so delighted and contented as a mother to gift your customized story book for my daughter to her daughter on her 10th birthday. She too was elated to receive it and has thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The glossary at the end of the book has enhanced and enriched her vocabulary. The rich quality of the pages and the child-friendly illustrations enhanced the entire reading process. Thank you from the core of my heart . May you soar high in all your endeavors.

  • Heena Sadhwani


    Thank you so much. Received book and it really feel good to see book. Specially first photo page. Realize me too.. I am a mom of super kid.

  • Megha jivraj


    Thank you soo much for the book. Awesome loved it. Thank you for such a wonderful memory to be cherished for the lifetime.

  • Navneeth


    Hi.. Thank you so much for the book. I just received it and loved it very much. My Son is excited too for being a super kid.

  • Pooja Sharma


    Thanks a daughter loved it... she was so happy to see this and after receiving the book, for the whole day she for smiling and saying that I'm a Super Girl. Yay!!

  • Priyanka Maheshwari


    Thank you so much for the book. Oh I didn’t expect the book so early… you guys are in Ahmedabad.. I didn’t know that.. Once again, thank you so much Book is so lovely and its envelop too. I have send this book to my nephew in Australia and whole family just loved the book as well as the concept.

  • Pooja Abraham


    Hey.. received the book yesterday with the words on courier saying gift for 'Natalya’… and then the when my daughter came back from school she was so excited to see the certificate and book customized on her name…she was so happy and said ‘oh my god’ I am a super girl and have my own story… she showed it to all of them she met in the evening..and wants to take it to school for the story reading class… the joy is abundant…thanks to you all in SKL…for initiating such ideas and for spreading joy, happiness, laughter and inspiration to many kids like mine… and expecting come up with many more innovative ideas in future…god bless…

  • Swathi Bhat

    Received the book and it's lovely and worth the wait. Thank u so so much for the most beautiful gift for my child.

  • Narinder Puri


    AACHMAN was very excited to receive this present… As the book arrived here on Christmas so he considered it to be delivered by Santa. He is really happy that Santa gave him this wonderful book on his name. Thank you so much Team SKL!.

  • Anika Chopra


    Hi, my daughter is 9 yrs old and his brother gifted her super kid story book as Rakshabandhan gift. She says it’s the best gift ever! Thank you so much!

  • Neelu


    I'm so thankful to you for sending me this super story for my son this is best gift for my son I have ever think to give in such a beautiful manner. This story gives so much of courage to my son. I am not able to express in words how I liked the concept of the book! Wow. My son having a Celia from last three year and during that year he shows so much patience and compromises. At the age of three it's very much hard to do this. The book is really a God's gift for my kid. I was not expecting the book to be so nice and creative like this. When I was reading this for my son it makes him so proud and he actually got the real meaning of his name and he is now a super hero and that makes him more confident. Thank you so much.

  • Anonymous

  • Seema Malik


    it is a very good option for gifting ……. In fact, it is a unique gift for child…..Highly recommended to all parents!

  • Sharath NB


    At the outset, your idea is something very special and ideally, every kid on the planet needs to have something this. I've received my first book for my Daughter "Sasha" and she loved it. The picture quality and stories are very good. Keep the good work going.

  • Ayushi Verma Chandra


    I just received my Super Kid book for my little one and I am really happy :) Reyansh got super excited to see the book and he cannot wait to hear the story at his bedtime! Thanks so much for adding this gem to my son's book collection. Here's wishing lots of luck and More superpower to your entire team!!