About Us

We are a bunch of friends working to realize the dream of perfect fun-learning books for kids. Our team is full of people from different background and experience. We hail from top institutes like IITs & IIMs and know how difficult is to learn anything from present mainstream books.
We aim to revamp the current style of books, which is boring and colorless.
We want to make learning, a fun activity such that no kids run away from learning new concepts.

“Journey of A Super Kid” is our first step towards this direction.
By this book, we want kids to learn values/virtues in the life that are hidden in their own name so that these values become the foundation for a super personality in future.

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Our Team :

  • Ameet Singh

    Ameet is IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Roorkee Alumnus and is the Co-founder of the SuperkidsLeague. He looks after everything relevant to the company and for its growth. He is Ex-Banker and Ex-Scientist who left a lucrative corporate career to follow his passion for entrepreneurship. In his free time, he loves reading, watching movies and playing with his 7-year-old daughter.

  • Vivek Brahmbhatt

    Vivek is IT guy of the team. He has more than 5-year experience in website and mobile app development. He looks after all IT development and related issues. In his free time, he loves to listen songs, travel, photography and likes to spend time with his family.

  • Paresh Patel

    Paresh is the designer support of the team. Anyone who needs a new design or modification in the design, he is the one who helps them out. He is adept photoshop handler. In his free time, he loves watching sports, reading and spend time with nature.

  • Malay

    Malay is the operation guy of the team who looks after the timely delivery of perfect books to our customers. Order execution is his responsibility. In his free time, he loves playing mobile games, surfing the Internet and spending time with his family.