About Us

Every child is unique! 

Let’s build on his/her uniqueness ?


We are a group of young parents who want every kid in this world to blossom to their full potential. We are using the power of “Personalization” to inspire boundless self-belief and uniqueness in each child on this mother earth.


Our team is full of people from different background and experience. We hail from top institutes like IITs & IIMs and know how difficult is to learn anything from present mainstream books.


We, as parents always want our kids to be best in the world- whether it is in studies, sports or behaviour/attitude and when this urge met the imaginations of kids, SUPER KIDS LEAGUE was born! There is nothing as beautiful as the imagination of kids. They are boundless. Each kid is a prince or princess in his/her world. They just need wings to fly in this world of wonderland. We at Superkids Singapore have tried to give these wings using personalization where each kid becomes the centre of the storybook.


We asked ourselves, what is the best way to personalize a storybook such that it is unique and also love by the kids. We realized it is their NAME that they identify themselves and love most. Eureka! And this book was born which revolves around the kid’s name and helped them identify some very positive virtues hidden in their name.


In the process, this book also becomes a “memory for a lifetime” for a kid that will bring a smile on their face whenever he/she opens it. What more, we as parents want from the life- “A Smile on our kid’s face”, right?


So let’s start the journey to make your kid a SUPERKID!

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Amit Singh

Co-founder and CEO

Super Kids League