5 Ways Through Which You Can Instill Reading Habits In A Child

In today’s times where technology is instilled in our day-to-day lives and where books have been replaced by e-books, keeping kids away from electronic screens is a huge task.

However, if done rightly, you can reduce the screen time of a child by introducing books to him. Encouraging good reading habits can help in the long term by bringing the following benefits:

  • Have a stronger vocabulary
  • Higher confidence level
  • Increases attention span
  • Being proactive because these kids learn to think earlier
  • A sense of connotation i.e. being more aware of the world around them
  • A sense of self-respect and self-image

Getting your kid interested in reading is not as difficult as people normally anticipate.

The following are a few easy ways with which you can make reading a habit:

  1. Make Reading a Part of Routine from an Early Age:

Start from an early age, as early as an infant. Whether it is an interactive book or whether it is an informative book, give them different types of books and read along. Babies do enjoy soothing story-telling methods and slowly this would become a daily routine.


  1. Let them see you reading:

Toddlers copy. They do whatever their parents and grandparents would do. So make reading a part of your routine and slowly you would see that kids would be more inclined towards the books themselves.


  1. Create a reading time:

Keep a particular allotted time for reading. For example: keeping a book on the tableside while having a meal or a particular time before hitting the bed. This way the child would slowly start looking forward to the reading time and would grow accustomed to it.


  1. Make the reading sessions interactive:

Reading time is just another way of spending quality time with your child. Make these sessions interactive by telling them various stories, reading different genres, watch a related movie after reading its book like Harry Potter or Peter Pan or just asking simple questions about the book. Slowly the child would think of these sessions as a regular thing that he does with his parent.


  1. Take him to a library:

If your child is of an age where he has started taking small decisions of his own, take him to a local library. Make this a monthly or a quarterly trip. Let him browse and select the books. You can even encourage them to trade their books with a friend.

It is important to keep in mind that reading is a habit which comes with efforts and time. However, it cannot be forced. Thus, getting your child to read from the very beginning is crucial and surely beneficial in the longer run.

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